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Sunday, October 07, 2007

No tax increases!

Senator Judy Robson is complaining that the Repulicans are refusing to roll over and just let the Democrats tax increases go thru. According to her, a budget would be done if Republicans would just cave in the tax increases-

Robson said the budget could easily be finished in short order, if Republicans accept a package that includes raising the cigarette tax by $1.25 per pack, tapping $175 million in the state's medical malpractice fund and imposing a new tax on hospitals that would leverage more federal Medicaid funds. That money would go toward expanding health care in the state.

I thought the Democrats had given up their ideas of a hospital tax. Now they have gone back on their word and reimposed the hospital tax????

The Democrats have given up absolutley nothing, except Healthy Wisconsin, which would have never passed and if it did, the governor would never have signed it.

So the Democrats give up nothing, they demand more and more tax increases and they claim that the Republicans are dragging their heals on a budget?

Give up you tax increases Democrats and watch how fast a budget gets done!!!

Funny how that street goes both ways, huh?

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