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Monday, October 01, 2007

Badger Bites, Vol. 1, #1

Welcome to the first ever Badger Bites, a twice a week look around the Wisconsin Blogosphere (aka Badgersphere, Cheddarsphere, etc, etc). We will not be trying to imitate the themed fun of a blog carnival, but rather we will be offering up a quick look at some of the notable posts around the state. Notice the "some"'ll be around 10 to 15 bullet points per edition. There is no hard form for this feature, however, so changes will likely occur over time.

So, enough with the background and on to the first round of Badger Bites.

*Over at An Ol' Broad's Ramblings, we are treated to a practical look at the meaning of the word secret.

*And speaking of definitions, Jay has become a self-defined sell out. Congrats. I think.

*Wiggy takes a look at what is next in the Larry Craig mess, and he also envisions the common workplace of Jay and Charlie Sykes. And no, there is not a connection there.

*The Crocodile Cage has become a "Budget Now" zone.

*Stay with me on this one. Last week, Marquette Warrior posts on their new report in Does Wisconsin Lock Up Too Many Blacks? Paul Soglin replies, as does Uppity Wisconsin. Rick Esenberg replies to Soglin. Soglin replies to Esenberg. Esenberg again replies to Soglin, and Soglin again replies to Esenberg, and to Marquette Warrior, who had replied to WPR, Soglin and Uppity Wisconsin. Got that?

*Stepping Right Up! brings us the latest Blog Net News rankings. They prove to be as volatile as college football rankings after Badger Blogger was upset by Spring City Chronicle on Saturday by a score of 28-20, dropping Patrick and company from 1st to 4th. Seriously, does anyone know how either poll works?

*I'd link to all the posts everyone has done on Miller's sponsorship of the Folsum Street Fair, but it would overwhelm this little feature. Plus the fair's over.

*With the baseball season having wrapped up in Wisconsin on Saturday, the Wisconsin Sports Bar is already the place to start debating the 2008 line up.

*Buying an Apple product at Christmas time? Caveat Emptor.

*No Water For You! The Political Environment discusses water for Waukesha.

*Thoughts on police overtime from a knowledgeable source at Badger Blogger.

*Nick doesn't think that anyone is really a conservative, not a Republican.

Okay, I think that is enough food for thought for this introductory version of Badger Bites. Comments and suggestions are welcome in the comments, and a "suggestions" email address will be available from the sidebar shortly.