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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Where's the Line, Miller?

Sophomoric humor aside, I've found a way to demostrate what's wrong with Miller Beer sponsoring a sex toy fetish festival (in case you needed help deciding that it's just a little bit on the stupid side).

Try to defend Miller's right to advertise wherever they want, to whatever market they want. You can't because all you have to do is ask why the brand doesn't appear on the breast of a KKK bedsheet. Then, you enter the discussion over which groups are ok to offend and which markets are more important to the company.

Try to defend Miller because they sponsor everything anyway, and there's a ball park to prove it. Ok, then why not sponsor the Iranian nuclear program? Talk about the ultimate in name dropping: the first atomic weapon dropped on an American city could have MGD on the side!

But this is a festival and people have to drink something, right? Where's Coke? Pepsi? Budweiser? Evian is pretty gay, and they're nowhere to be seen. The sponsors are mostly porn, adult toys, a couple of radio/media outlets, and Miller. That's where the brand wants to be?

Miller is making an interesting choice, to say the least.

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