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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Badger Bites, Vol 1, #2

In college, you may have excitedly awaited Thursday nights because of the parties. Now, you can wait with baited breath for Badger Bites. So without further ado, it's on with the show.

*Thompson talk continues (Fred, not Tommy). On the Borderline notes Fred's flip on ethanol (as does Nick, Pete, silent E, and Ol' Broad), while Charlie Sykes points to an interesting letter from a want to be Fred supporter. And Sean thanks Fred for the birthday gift.

*Elliot proves what many assume false: That Milwaukee is a better tourist attraction than Minneapolis or Madison.

*You may have heard the story of Jim Broussard, the veteran who cut down a Mexican flag that was flying above an American flag in Reno. Now read the Folkbum take on the matter.

*Babblemur was a big Hugo Chavez fan...until Chavez dared to mess with academia.

*Tom McMahon goes serious with an excerpt that looks at the damage an electromagnetic pulse could do to a major American city.

*Texas Hold 'Em Blogger introduces a new phony soldier.

*Sandi at Vista on Current Events gets to the core of what was bad about the vetoed S-CHIP bill.

*The Game makes a prediction on the '08 Presidential election...head over there to see who she is. Lance also has a glass half full look at '08.

*Over at Subject to Change, we learn that Aaron's son came with a warranty. Here's to hoping that the shipping was free, too.

*And in the one thing that actually fits in the quasi-college theme intro, Wigderson takes it to student government.