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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why are we fighting the coming 600 million dollar tax increase so hard.

The people of Wisconsin voted these idiots in let them suffer the results of their choices.

Maybe a huge increase in their property tax bills in December will wake the general public up.

If you are going to put vultures like the Dems in charge do not bitch and moan when they rape and pillage you come tax time. They are Dems that is what they do you knew that when you pulled the lever.

Maybe it is time to step aside and let John Q Public take one in the shorts due to choices they made.

Sometime you have to pull the mask off our friends on the left and let everyone see them for what they really are.

So step aside let the Liberal Tax Wolves run amok amongst the General Public Sheep maybe the lesson will get learned this time.

Just one mans opinion
WSB Chris