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Monday, October 29, 2007

Badger Bites from the West

Can you believe it? What a beautiful day. If you didn't find a reason to get out of work today you should have! For a nominal fee, I will call your boss for you. I digress. Let's take a peek around the Badger state blogosphere.

Since I hail from the west side of the state, (notice I didn't say left!), I'm going to have a little slant leaning this way. One of the things we don't always get over here is Wisconsin based conservative talk. Sure we get the national shows but nothing locally, except that of Jason Lewis. Jason has been on the scene over in Minneapolis for the greater part of the last 15 years. Joey, over at Pheisty Blog (hailing out of Clayton Wisconsin) is studying the concept of "Crosscut", an experiment trying to get the left and right to congenially try to communicate. The topic of round 1, Jason Lewis. See Crosscut I: Jason Lewis, Welfare, and Jesus.

If any of you know who the King Dude is (Sirius Radio), flash over at OnTheBorderline has a story about an OTBL contributor who talked to the King last Friday. The topic was the failing GOP party.

Real Debate discusses some of the other freebies the Dems want to give away, Free College.

Dad29 explores the Electorial College.

Owen points out the latest on a topic near and dear to most of us, Free Markets at work!

Delilah says hi!

Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

DOYLE-OPOLY is a game that is no fun.

Hot and Misguided.

Who needs sensitivity training?


Folkbum says.... Who cares!

Now go enjoy the last few hours of daylight.