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Friday, October 26, 2007

If it's his last time...

...Governor Doyle's gonna make the most of it.

Governor Doyle used his Frankenstein Veto again this morning, to increase the property tax limit from 2% to 3.86%.

Why 3.86%, you ask? Because those are the numbers he could find.

In this case, he's used numbers that reference a state statute to set a different limit for levies than what was passed by the Legislature.
Look at the picture from the Journal Sentinel:

The darkened parts are what he vetoed. The lighter parts are what he left.


Has that been done before? I'm not sure.

Here's the real tricky part: Doyle didn't include any kind of property tax limits in his version of the budget. So why didn't he just veto the whole thing, instead of getting cute with his Frankenstein Veto?

Afraid of reviving the taxpayer revolt, maybe? Part of an agreement with Assembly leadership?