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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Badger Bites Howls at the Moon

If you haven't looked out your window tonight, then you may not know that there is a big, bright, full moon this evening. As many a emergency services professional will tell you, things get a little weird during these full moons. So tonight, Badger Bites gives you the best with a few quirky twists.

*Before we mix in the frivolity, head on over to Real Debate Wisconsin for a great piece by Cathy Stepp.

*That change in the state senate leadership? Ed Garvey hints at a c-o-n-spiracy.

*On a, um, slightly saner topic, Elliot is accepting applications for his mortal enemy.

*Dad29 gets at a point you're unlikely to hear discussed in polite company.

*The Critical Badger asks a multiple choice question on Freakfest. I choose 'B'.

*Lance's latest column makes a good point about last week's taxpayer rally.

*J.B. Van Hollen: The con, the pro, and a thanks.

*Mixter has the answer to Iran: Diplomacy.

*The Headless Blogger compares a Romney photo to another familiar pic. Frankly, the Romney pic creeps me out.

*Illusory Tenant learns the hard way that one word just ain't cool, even if you aim it at a conservative.

*No new taxes? Berry Laker outlines some of the new ones.

*Nick makes a good argument about the price of an education.

*The Game makes a point about the fires in California that I've previously made about forests in Florida.

Okay, I'm out of here. It's a great night to go hunting for the Bray Road Beast, and the night isn't getting any younger.