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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Sense of Temporal Dyslexia

Woke up in a bit of a "Whoa, huh?" mood today.

Seems that a year ago, this was the weekend of "Daylight Savings," that was before the signing of the "Energy Policy Act of 2005."

What this means is you're supposed to move your clocks back one hour next week. The thinking being, it should save energy with the extra month of daylight (it's been studied, it hasn't).

The problem now is that all of my network connected items (Cell Phone, Computer) were at one time, and my clock, my BlackBerry, and DVD/VHS player - which are on a program based on the the Pre-Act Schedule - were at another.

My wristwatch, for all I know, is lying to me right now.

It is 10:30 EDT in the morning, right?

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