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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Three down, four to go.

Alternate title: Dink. Dunk. Dink. Dunk.

Packers 35, Giants 13. When's the last time we started a season 2-0?

UPDATE - it was 2001.

And here's another question: was this the same bunch of guys playing on offense as last week? And if so, what was in their breakfast cereal this morning?

Congratulations to Brett Favre on becoming the winningest NFL quarterback ever. One hundred forty-nine career victories, almost ten wins per season.

Favre now has three touchdown passes on the year. After last week, I was worried he might not get any touchdown passes this year, much less three in a game. Anyway, he's now four away from breaking the all-time record, currently held by Dan Marino.

He also needs only 3 interceptions to break that record, which for Farve is a second half on a bad day. He's got 80 attempts so far, leaving him 51 short of that record. Two games, tops.

And he needs 3,370 yards to break that record, meaning he has to average a little over 240 yards a game, which he's done over the first two games (246 ypg). His career average is 238.5 yards per game.