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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Re: Exploiting tragedy

Of course it's a conspiracy. The way you can tell is that people are saying it is, while the government is busy trying to look, well, busy. Like everything's under control, nothing to see here.

Other than that, let's talk about exploitation:
This is not going to be the last word on bridges, infrastructure, the Minnesota I35W bridge collapse

Who thought it would be, except you egomaniacs who try to use events to drive your own agenda? Who wants it to be, when a lot of bridges clearly need repair work?
and the Republican treason and conspiracy to weaken this nation which, unfortunately, includes too many Democratic fellow-travelers.

If it's a Republican treason with "Democratic fellow-travelers," doesn't that make it by-partisan? Or is it a de facto assumption that since Republicans are involved, they are the evil masterminds and any Dems involved are simply caught up in their sinister obfuscation?

And what's with this whole "fellow traveler" meme? It's silly.

The simple truth? You're projecting.
They managed to do what Soviet Communism could never do: weaken the infrastructure of this nation and in turn, erode domestic defense and undermine our economy.

Umm, by spending like the drunken sailors we've come to associate as mostly Democrats? Well, you've got me there, so we'll set that aside for the moment. But I'm glad to hear that you want a smaller budget focused on something that affects all citizens, and not just special programs for this or that constituency.

I'm just not sure how you can complain about the cost of the war in Iraq (admit that you have) and the associated military buildup, then complain that our domestic defense is eroded? Seriously? Is Japan going to attack the West Coast while our soldiers are training at inland bases and serving across Europe and Asia?
We must be vigilant. Newt Gingrich lead the assault on our nation from Washington thirteen years ago, and George W. Bush and his cronies carry on the erosive legacy today.
What could you be talking about, except for the Contract With America? Have you ever read it? It's a reasoned approach to government, with commitments to notions like "requir[ing] all laws that apply to the rest of the country [to] also apply equally to the Congress," and "select[ing] a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of Congress for waste, fraud or abuse."

Yup, scary stuff. But related to Dubya? Sadly, no.
Now there are conspirators and fellow-travelers in the Wisconsin legislature committed to do the same - destroy our roads and schoolhouses. They are bent upon destroying us from within.

Man, it's tough to know what to say to that. We've got the evil Repub meme revived, but for no apparent reason other than to drive the simple-minded or predisposed to further partisanship with no basis and no purpose. Other than to spur on more government spending.

That's sad.