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Friday, August 03, 2007

Exploiting tragedy

Madison's former Mayor, Paul Soglin, blames the I-35 tragedy on a "conspiracy" led by Republicans:

This is not going to be the last word on bridges, infrastructure, the Minnesota I35W bridge collapse and the Republican treason and conspiracy to weaken this nation which, unfortunately, includes too many Democratic fellow-travelers. They managed to do what Soviet Communism could never do: weaken the infrastructure of this nation and in turn, erode domestic defense and undermine our economy.

We must be vigilant. Newt Gingrich lead the assault on our nation from Washington thirteen years ago, and George W. Bush and his cronies carry on the erosive legacy today. Now there are conspirators and fellow-travelers in the Wisconsin legislature committed to do the same - destroy our roads and schoolhouses. They are bent upon destroying us from within.
If you hadn't already, go ahead and chalk Soglin up with the paranoid, moonbat Left. Republicans aren't just wrong, according to him: we're actively trying to kill Americans.