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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why Are We Suddenly Winning In Iraq?

This post was far too political to be posted at my own blog, so I'm cross posting here.

Many other blogs are reporting the good news: the surge is working, we’re winning in Iraq. It has also been reported that July was the least deadliest month since last year.

Is anyone wondering why we’re winning? Why wasn’t it news when November of last year was the least deadliest month of the Iraq war? Hmmm… Maybe the surge was just that successful.

I doubt it.

I think there’s an easy answer. The democrats need Iraq to be off the table by November 2008. They’ve backed themselves into a corner over Iraq policy, because they misread the results of the 2006 midterms. Instead of interpreting the results as simply frustration with the course of the war, they decided that the American people supported a complete withdrawal. They’ve been hammering that point so hard that they have no credibility on seeing the war through to a successful conclusion.

What they are discovering now is that only a minority of Americans want to pack up our toys and go home. The rest of us want to see freedom succeed in Iraq. It would appear that the 2006 election was a call for action, rather than a call for surrender. The battle lines have been drawn and the democrat mainstream is clearly on the wrong side. They need Iraq to go away. The failure of the withdrawal movement means that they’ll have to resort to Plan B.

I expect the outlook in Iraq to begin looking rosier and rosier over the next few months. By next November you’ll have forgotten all about Iraq because the war will be going swimmingly. American soldiers may even be rising from the grave by then. Iraq will be a shining pillar of democracy, and wouldn’t it be great if a Democrat president(ette) could usher in the new era of peace in the Middle East?

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