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Monday, July 09, 2007

One teacher's opinion

My, but this is an interesting editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal. The author, Monica Bond-Lamberty, is a social studies teacher in Madison.

She endorses socialism. The lede:

I have the perfect solution for those who complain about Wisconsin's high tax rates: Move to Wyoming, South Dakota or Alaska.
Geez, what have "those who complain about Wisconsin's high tax rates" been saying is going to happen?

Another option for lawmakers to truly demonstrate their commitment to K-12 education is to seize control of the state's health care system. Health care and public schools should both be fully funded.

It is apparent that employers and citizens are unable to cover these expenses now.
We're unable to cover the expenses, so government should take over. And...who does she think is going to "cover these expenses" then? Fairies?