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Monday, July 09, 2007

McGee/Jackson, Jr.'s Bail Reduced

Michael McGee/Jackson, Jr. got his bail lowered to $10,000 with some stipulations:
After hearing McGee's public defender Calvin Malone offer a variety of scenarios for release, Gorence agreed that he could be set free as long as his contact with others is severely limited. For instance, McGee would not be allowed to have contact with anyone other than family and staff and he could only leave his house for City Hall votes, to meet with his attorney, or to go to doctor's appointments or church.
Federal prosecutors claim McGee/Jackson, Jr. was being the thug he is and telling people to "lay low" and getting hush money to his co-conspirator Dimetrius Jackson.

Place your bets. How long until McGee/Jackson, Jr. gets locked back up for violating the terms of his bail? I give him four weeks.