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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Doyle acts like a typical Liberal

He talks out of both sides of his mouth. They bad mouth making money especially, if you make your money selling oil or tobacco.

But it doesn't stop our money loving Governor from investing in Evil Big Oil and Evil Big Tobacco

From the Appleton Post Cresent via the WSJ

Hmmm Exxon and ConocoPhillips and British American Tobacco very interesting.

"Doyle's spokesman Matt Canter says the governor has no plans to divest from the mutual funds because investment decisions are left up to the people that run the fund"

What BS Doyle coule have taken 30 seconds to look at the list of stocks in these funds and he would have known what stocks he was investing in.

Doyle never seems to know anything about what is going on around him. If you believed him he just sits at his desk and all this bad stuff just happens around him.

Come on now, I want to hear the calls from the left for Gov. Doyle to divest himself from these evil companies. But we will not hear it they are really good at looking the other way when one of theirs is a hypocrite.

Man Libs are funny they bad mouth money all the time but can not seem to get enough of it. No matter how they make it, be it Cattle Futures or Big Tobacco and Big oil stocks.

I also call on Governor Doyle to return any Wind Fall Profits he made as an investor of these companies. We know that will not happen Jim Doyle never gives up a dime once he gets it.