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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Concert for Carbon

Today at starting at noon, in honor of good ole 'Octane', OnTheBorderLine will be holding it's own concert celebrating carbon. Fire up your lawn mowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers, and get your yard work done early this morning. After that fire up your SUV and go get some beer or other adult beverages. Then enjoy this great weekend remembering that the cost of gas adjusted for inflation is as cheap as it was 30 years ago! Today it's even cheaper than bottled water. So instead of listening to the propaganda concerts today, enjoy some music right here starting at noon. You have all weekend to view it.

So as flash pointed out:

There is a substance which is typically not discussed in government schools as a benefit to people, but rather as a bane to all and the root of all evil. It is a substance which remains liquid over normally encountered temperatures, it is as cheap as milk (actually cheaper at times), and it is ubiquitous. It takes advantage of nanotechnology by exploiting a carbon mono-filament of fixed length with hydrogen atoms attached along its length, providing not only a high hydrogen storage density, but additional stored energy in the bonds between adjacent carbon atoms that form the mono-filament. It is a storehouse of energy, readily and widely available and we should all be pushing to fully use and develop any and all sources of this substance.

It is known as octane.

Enjoy the concert!