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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Once again they cannot see the Thug Forest for the Gun Trees

Hat tip to Elliot who is writing more and more again at "From Where I sit" for pointing the latest Milwaukee reporter/writers/columnist/politician article that blames the guns not the thugs. I do not get Milwaukee Magazine so I would have missed it.

Here is the email I sent to the author Mario Quadracci. I tried to behave I believe Mope was the strongest word I used. :)

Dear Mario,

It is a shame mope like you get to write stories like the your article on "evil guns" in Milwaukee magazine.

Yes blame the guns never the thugs or the "gangster" culture in higher crime areas of Milwaukee. You never ask how come the people who own guns in Ozaukee , Waukesha and Washington counties are not shooting every one in sight like on the North side of Milwaukee.

You see Mario it is not the guns it is the people, I personally have enough guns of various types to take out a couple of city blocks but that has not happen due to fact I believe in and follow the rule of law unlike many of the people you wrote about in your one sided article.

its the Thugs in those Neighborhoods you should be attacking not a guns.

I will ask you a questions I ask of all reporters/writers like you who write with an anti gun slant.

Do you shoot?

Do you own a gun?

Have you ever owned a gun?

Do you believe the 2nd amendment is less important than the 1st?

Do you honestly think these people you wrote about would stop using guns if they were made illegal? Yes right after they stop selling the drugs which are already illegal.

Oh and your nice little veiled insinuation that people at guns shows are Nazis(pointing out the smiley face with the Hitler Mustache but not all the patriotic stuff you see at guns shows)was found insulting by this military veteran who goes to guns show and even brings his children to them.

stop enabling the thugs by always blaming the guns, millions of Americans are law abiding guns owners who have never hurt a person with their guns.

Maybe in your own version of a "fairness doctrine" you could spend some time writing about those of us who own guns and use them legally.

I know that will not happen because it will not promote the agenda you are supporting. But know this Mario people like me will be there fighting people like you ever step of the way

We will not allow people like you to take away our 2nd amendment rights. No matter how hard you want.

Christopher XXXXXXX Oconomowoc

These people will never blame the people who are breaking the law but they seem to think that if they can outlaw guns(and we all know that is where this ends with them) the criminals will follow the gun laws even though they have shown they have no problem breaking drug laws probation laws etc.

We law abiding gun owners must stand up and fight them where ever we find them.

Chris 2

Here is Mario's email tell him what you think