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Monday, July 02, 2007

Fewer Schools Named For Presidents

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Not just presidents, but also other famous figures in U.S. history.

Idiot, PC leftists are firmly in control of naming new elementary schools, middle schools, junior high skrewls and high skrewls. That means they will be named after objects in nature or locations, rather than, say, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson or Martin Luther King.

Wisconsin public schools are apparently more likely to be named after objects in nature or locations these days than presidents, founding fathers or other people, according to a report released Monday that laments the trend as contrary to schools’ civic mission.

From 1980 to 1999, only 3.1% of new schools in Wisconsin were named after presidents, compared with 16.7% constructed before 1950, according to the report by the conservative-leaning Manhattan Institute, which analyzed data from a January 2000 facilities survey conducted by the state. Overall, naming schools after people dropped to 25.4% in the 1980s and ’90s from 52.9% in Wisconsin prior to the 1950s.

The political bias was never more evident that in New Berlin, as demonstrated in the battle to name a new school for the late former President Ronald Reagan.

Oconomowoc businessman Steve Ziegler certainly thought that was the case after his $60,000 offer to three school districts in 2004 to rename schools after former President Ronald Reagan was at one point referred to as “tainted money.”

“It actually turned into something I had no idea I was getting into, which was a political fight,” said Ziegler, who as president and CEO of InPro Corp. has made contributions to several schools in return for naming rights to their facilities. “People thought I was doing it to get a Republican name on a school, and it wasn’t that at all. I just thought he was a great man and a great president.”

Think about that. A bunch of lefties still so filled with hatred for a truly great American president simply over their hatred and intolerance for his political beliefs and policies.

The dogma of political correctness has so overtaken academie in America that even truly great Americans cannot achieve consensus on having their names placed on schools. The demonization of our nation’s Founding Fathers as being a bunch of evil, white men who owned slaves and were racists, sexists, bigots and homophobes, were responsible for the spread of disease, the rape and destruction of the environment and genocide against peace-loving Native Americans — by the way, I am a Native American, I was born in America, that makes me a Native American — has continued unabated, to the point that a bunch of pinhead pseudo-intellectuals don’t want their names on schools and in some cases have actively campaigned to have their names removed from existing schools.

In Milwaukee the names of city founders Solomon Juneau and George Walker, baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson and inventors Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison no longer are on schools, those schools having been closed. While President Reagan’s name is on an MPS college preparatory school, it wasn’t without a fight over his politics. MPS once had a high school named after Abraham Lincoln, but that school was closed almost 30 years ago, and currently the Great Emancipator’s name is not on any MPS school.

In Racine, two of the three high schools were named after city fathers William Horlick and Jerome I. Case, and the third was named because of its proximity to a nearby park. The only middle school named after a president is named after the late President William McKinley. Others are named after local figures, including city founder Gilbert Knapp. You can see a list of Racine Unified schools here.

Both of Kenosha’s large public high schools were named after local educators, Mary D. Bradford and George Nelson Tremper. Kenosha Unified has schools named after Lincoln and McKinley, Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt, as well as local historical figures. You can see their list of schools here.

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