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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's an "Improvement"

2nd Qtr Fundraising of 2007 is out for Freshman Congressman Steve Kagen. Compared to others' numbers in his Freshmen Democratic Class, Kagen's fundraising is not that impressive.

After raising $155,000 in the first quarter, Dr. Kagen "improved" his second quarter by roughly $60,000 to $214,500. (Spending $2,500 for a "National Fund Raiser too. -- Ask for your money back Steve!)

And since these are always of interest; from the rough numbers I've seen:

74% - % of $-Value of Kagen's Itemized Donations from PACs and Candidate Committees.

In Q1 this amount was 85%.

6.3% - % of $-Value of Kagen's Itemized Donations from residents of Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District.

In Q1 this amount was 3%.

It looks like Kagen is going to have others fit the bill until it looks at its cheapest for his pocketbook before he can cut some huge check to "bury" the airwaves in ads.

P.S. Another sign Kagen's may be getting scared. Eric Hogensen, his 2006 campaign manager -- who ran a great campaign I will say -- and is now a political consultant based out of Milwaukee, was put back on retainer for $4,500 in May.

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