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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Easily the most entertaining Live Earth commentary...

...was found over at Grandpa John's.

The stars peer down upon the tiny blue spitball called Earth and shake their heads with a tut-tut here and a tsk-tsk there. Its ignorant unwashed masses are scurrying hither and yon in an apparent neurotic affect, charging like lemmings towards eternity's cliff.

There is hope, however. The mighty Albert Gore, Jr. has stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth. The packed celestial crowd goes silent with deeply held breath. A few of the more puckish entities try to start a 'wave' but that's so yestereternity that no one's buying it.

With a count of two strikes... here comes the pitch... Albert swings mightily at the destructive sphere with his Adirondack, his homemade bat that he carved when lightning struck and split his cranium while counting his zinc mine royalties, and connects. It's a Live Earth Concert drive!
Grandpa Steve's posting is slowing down some (age, you know), but he's still got some spark in the 'ol noggin.

Left over from his battery-licking days, no doubt.