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Thursday, May 10, 2007

A coming new feature to the BBA

A couple of months, I exchanged emails with all of the posting members of the BBA about a number of things. During that exchange, I promised to do some work on updating the blog and also to begin doing Wisconsin blogger round ups three times a week. Unfortunately, for the last month I have been on the road as much as I've been home. In the coming weeks I will be able to begin work on both, though. But I need your help. The blogroll is in need of an update, and I'll be doing the round ups from the blogroll. If you are a right, left, or center Wisconsin blogger and are not on our blogroll, please yell at me in the comments to this post. I only have two requirements. You have to update your blog regularly, and your blog must be older than two months old.

I appreciate the help. If you don't make a note of your blog in the comments, I might still catch your blog, but you may fall through the cracks.