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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dante's, er, Doyle's Tax Inferno

I'm not sure how many levels of tax hell there are in Wisconsin, but let's tax, er, take a look, shall we?

Been a lot of talk about tax increases in Wisconsin since the November elections. On the heels of this revelation — that an unelected body wants to impose a 0.05% sales tax on Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties to fund the black hole known as KRM Express, let's note the number of tax increases — actual and proposed — since Election Day.

How do we tax thee? Let me count the ways:
  • $23 million tax increase for Menomonee Falls schools approved by voters on Election Day.
  • Drivers' license fee increase (proposed).
  • Auto, SUV and light truck registration fee (proposed).
  • State Sen. Jon Erpenbach proposed elimination of many exemptions in the state sales tax.
  • Racine County Board proposes a 0.05% countywide sales tax to pay for county parks and a museum which doesn't charge admission. All the while, saying with a straight face that this tax increase will lead to property tax relief.
  • The KRM Express tax increase, which if you read the article closely may include hikes in property taxes and gas taxes in addition to the sales tax.
  • The proposed $1 a pack increase in the tax on cigarettes.
Am I missing any tax increases? It seems like I am. There have been so many in the short period of six weeks since the election. Feel free to list any local tax increases being discussed or any I have forgotten about.

My complete thoughts on the choo-choo tax can be found here.