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Monday, December 18, 2006

Empty your wallet

You hear them on street corners or outside stores. The sound is distinctive. It’s a sound of hope. A sound of caring. It’s the sound of The Salvation Army bellringer heralding the season. As if a voice for the silent, the hurting, The Salvation Army bell rings out, declaring they’re not forgotten. You can help restore hope to the hopeless, bring comfort to the hurting and a respite to the weary by taking part in The Salvation Army Christmas effort. The Salvation Army offers many opportunities for you to make the season brighter for families and individuals in need.

* Visit to create your own Online Salvation Army Red Kettle and ring the bell without even leaving your house
* Click here to donate now
* Or for more information on ringing at a traditional Salvation Army kettle and other volunteer opportunities contact your local Salvation Army.

There is a tradition passed from a reader and contributor of this blog to me and is one of true benevolence. Well that statement isn't exactly 100% correct, to be true benevolence it should also remain 100% anonymous. However, it is one I've practiced ever since I've heard it. The tradition goes like this. Anytime you walk into a store and there are bell ringers collecting for the Salvation Army, it is your duty to empty your wallet. Not the credit cards and such, but all your cash, be it $10, $20, or even $150. During the past 10 days or so, I have somehow found myself short of cash as I have been going to multiple places to shop over the last 10 days. The Salvation Army has long been one of the most efficient charity organizations around. Compare that to the United Way. A case in point is the difference of salary between the organization's heads is literally 100 fold, the Salvation Army being the less. So start and pass on this practice of emptying your wallets each and every time you walk into a store with a bell ringer. You'd be surprised at the looks you get and the warm feeling helping others brings.

Chris - OTBL