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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Not a Bad Idea

Keeping tabs on the press release stream on has become one of my favorite pastimes of late.

Well, not really, but I have been doing it more than normal. While the below is not what I am looking for it is something that caught my eye:
U.S. Sen. Feingold: Statement on Pentagon Recommending the Establishment of an Africa Command

Contact: Zach Lowe (202) 224-8657

"I am pleased the Pentagon is recommending the establishment of a U.S. military command in Africa. I called for the creation of such a command earlier this year. For too long, our Africa policies have failed to meet the new and emerging threats to our national security in that continent. A U.S. Africa Command will be a vital component of what must be a broader U.S. engagement throughout Africa, which will strengthen our relations with African nations, bolster their capacity to address threats, and prevent them from becoming staging grounds for attacks against the U.S. or our allies."

In June 2006, Feingold had an amendment accepted into the Defense Department authorization bill requiring a feasibility study for the establishment of an Africa Command. The President later signed the authorization bill including Feingold's Africa Command amendment into law. In August 2006, the Pentagon announced it was considering the creation of an Africa Command. This week, the Pentagon officially recommended the creation of an Africa Command to the President. To learn more about Feingold's efforts to create an Africa Command, click here:
If our fine senator does a good thing I want to provide the positive reinforcement just as much as I have to spank him when he does a bad thing.

This is a good thing, after all it is apparent Somalia is now a jihadist Islamic state and will serve as a base for the radical Islamists who war on us. However, I fear the likes of our Senator will complain and carry on if the African Command does anything more than deliver AIDS/HIV drugs. Establishing an African Command is an excellent idea if only it is used properly.