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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Throwing This Out

A hat tip to Jo Egelhoff of Fox Politics for pointing this out over cups of – joe, this morning:

(AP) MADISON A developer who wants to build a new casino in Kenosha plans to donate $50,000 to help cover Gov. Jim Doyle's inaugural expenses, a contribution he could not legally make to the governor's re-election campaign.

Contributions to the inaugural committee are not covered under state campaign finance laws, which limit individual campaign donations to $10,000.

Doyle will not profit from the donation. Money given to cover his inauguration goes to the nonprofit Boys & Girls Clubs, which pay the expenses and then split whatever money is left over. The same approach was taken in 2003, when more than $225,000 in profits was distributed among 28 clubs statewide.
See WFRV's website for the complete story

A couple of things from my end. When people do good things I try to disregard their motives, so even cynical deeds of good I regard as – simply good. However, it is hard not to be cynical about the nature of this at least as far as the donors are concerned!. For example, let us ponder Mark Green holding a similar event. Would A developer pony up the same for Mark's fundraisers? I am skeptical.

However, in the end, unless a situation develops similar to the Air America deal (e.g. the Boys & Girl Club members all of a sudden start making "loans" to the Dems or the members start pounding the pavement for the Dems etc) I am guardedly okay with this.

My "group" has had politicos at events; both Republicans and Democrats. I feel having a political leader at events or to help out with the group's efforts lends credibility to the group.

What is your take? BBA posting members please follow up with blogs, all others leave comments.

Is it okay, to be okay with this? Or do you suspect something?