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Sunday, December 17, 2006

An Interesting Comment:

Another hat tip to Jo Egelhoff's Fox Politics.

Terry Growcock, chief executive officer of the The Manitowoc Co., which manufactures cranes, food-service equipment and ships, said attracting and retaining skilled workers is a priority. New North must overcome a reputation of a state of low temperatures and high taxes, [emphasis added] he said. Other challenges facing area businesses include high health-care costs, energy costs, competition and threat of litigation.
The Green Bay Press Gazette has the whole story.

There is that high tax thing again. I like the way it is phrased low temperatures and high taxes.

The Green Bay Packers were once know as a team in a cold and unhospitable climate and losers to boot. These were two things Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren had to change. So what happened? The cold environ of the Green Bay became The Frozen Tundra, they leveraged the football heritage of the Packers, and Wolf & Holmgren managed to turn the wins - losses around.

Mr. Growcock notess a similar problem with the business climate of Wisconsin. The state does not have to go from its (near) the top of the highest tax state list to the bottom but we need to make an effort to get our taxes more competitive. Also, on the climate stress the diversity of the four seasons and oppurtunities for all sorts of different and varied activities. The lakeshore is becoming a national golf destination, and with some proper management the lakeshore can become again an international racing stop.

Emphasize how our region's cities time and time again hit the top of safest city lists. Quality of life may not be the first consideration but they are mighty important. How excellent if we can tame taxes and push the Wisconsin lifestyle.