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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Incumbent Protection Act Back in the Courts.

The New York Sun notes an attack on the Incumbent Protection Act. Note:
Wisconsin Right to Life is trying to petition the government in respect of the Child Custody Protection Act. The bill would make it illegal to transport a minor girl across state lines to procure an abortion without permission of the minor girl's parents. The measure has passed both houses of Congress, but Senate Democrats are preventing the bill from going to a conference committee, which would be the next step toward final passage. One of Wisconsin's senators, Herbert Kohl, supports the bill. The other, Russell Feingold, opposes it. Wisconsin Right to Life wants to air ads starting September 5 praising Senator Kohl and criticizing Senator Feingold.

It is ironic that Senator Kohl is getting a high-five from Wisconsin Right to Life, but since his name is on a ballot the advert is against the law (but is protected by the Constitution).

Now, some may say You see, in this case the law cuts both ways! Come on, we know incumbency is a powerful tool and while I am sure Senator Kohl would not mind the plug he hardly needs it. He has no opposition, he could probably outspend any opponent on his interest income alone.

I leave you with one more paragraph, but I suggest you read the full article.

Now the plot thickens. Since Senator Kohl is on a primary ballot on September 12, the ads allegedly run afoul of the what might as well be called the McCain-Feingold (yes, that Feingold) Incumbent Insulation Act, better known as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. Thus, the good citizens of Wisconsin Right to Life must seek a court's permission to talk about their elected officials in public. Henry VIII or George III couldn't have rigged the system better themselves. [emphasis added]

So it seems the law protects virtual child porn but not saying the senator is a fink.