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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kill Bill 3: Salute to David Carradine

Sad news about Carradine - he appears to have commited suicide in a Thai hotel. Even after Kill Bill 2, most people suspected there wasn't anyone else who could have stood up to the man.

Most of us know him from the Kill Bill movie(s), later realizing that we've probably seen a lot of his more than 200 roles in movies and television. He's also produced, provided music and directed - who knew he was the eye behind the camera of several Lizzy Maguire episodes? Interesting.

And there was that Kung Fu show that Grandpa Steve always talks about. Sounds weird, but I bet it'll be dusted off and aired sometime soon.

Still, I have questions... Do you believe that a guy who has a career behind him like Carradine's and seven movies under way (six of them in post-production) would suddenly become so distraught that he'd hang himself naked in a foreign hotel closet?

It may be within the realm of the possible, but 72 is late for any kind of life crisis short of a terminal disease. Foul play seems to be ruled out; does a Michael Hutchence-type of accident seem possible?

Time will tell, but I expect it will be a sad footnote to an amazing career and actor.