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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just great Obama Moters sells Hummer division to ChiComs

Well there goes my dream of some day buying a Hummer. I won't by a Chi Com Hummer I do not care where it is made. A man has to have some principles.(well if you are going to be a conservative I do not believe most of our socialist friends would know a principle if it bit them in the ass)

If Ford was smart they would start marketing themselves as the Anti Obama Motors Car company. That message would play in a lot of homes in this country.

Plus we need one American Car Company that will build real cars and trucks not the tiny recycled beer cans the Greens and Socialists want to call cars.

I own two Fords and doubt I will be buying many GM aka Obama Motors products in the future

Who knows in 10 years being able to afford and drive a car or truck that will seat more than 4 adults comfortably will be a status symbol.

The Federal Government does nothing well what makes people think they can run a car company well?

Have you driven a Ford lately ;)