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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Michael Roehling of Berlin is going to have a full dance card in Prison

Listen to this thief cry like a baby Oh yeah they are going to love him when he gets to Portage or Waupun

what little bitch anyone want to lay odds that Mr. Roehling might have needed a new pair of underwear and pants by the time the police arrived.

quick aside someone needs to explain to Heather Shannon that defending your home is not "taking the law into your own hands" Now if he had put him against a wall and executed him that would be taking the law into your own hands.

I really thing you should be allowed to at least pistol whip the thief if you capture them in the act. But that is just me

A BBA PSA in cases like this if you end up shooting the guy put one of your big kitchen knives in his hand. And when the police arrive make sure you repeat over and over "you feared for your life and the life of your family"

Trust me they will not doubt you claim too much, just do not go crazy and empty the gun into the guy I think any more than two shots and it stops being home defense.(that is if the first two shots have put the intruder down now if they are still coming at you feel free to keep putting holes in them till they stop coming)

Now in the world of a lot of our Socialist Friends the home owner would not have been able to use anything stronger than harsh language to defend his home.

Score one for the Good Guys