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Thursday, May 28, 2009

There's a light

Will they reopen the Janesville GM plant?

If General Motors can successfully reorganize or emerge from a likely bankruptcy, the automaker has agreed to use one of its idled plants to build small cars that it isn't producing anywhere else in the United States.

And the fact that GM will do so at an idled plant where the local union has ratified a competitive operating agreement leads to an obvious question: Could the automaker's Janesville plant be the one retooled to annually crank out about 160,000 compact cars?

On one hand, a union summary of the tentative agreement reached last week between the United Auto Workers and GM supports the notion.

On the other, however, it dispels it.

Talk fit for any union thug!

For some reason it's got this song running through my head. Sing it with me, Susan: