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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Danica jumping to NASCAR soon?

The Indianapolis 500 started just a few minutes ago, so naturally, we're asking whether Danica Patrick is headed to NASCAR:

The Indianapolis 500 is Sunday and we know this because we’ve been treated to a month of questions to Danica Patrick about when she’s going to give NASCAR a try.

It’s a sign of how far general interest in open-wheel racing, not to mention its signature event, has fallen. The hard-core fans will still turn out and tune in this weekend, but it’s saying something when the most asked question is about the future of a driver who isn’t even a favorite to win the race.
I've gotta say, that sounds like a good move. Danica would be a sponsorship magnet, even if she never won a race. Plus, NASCAR has so much more visibility in the U.S. IRL might be more popular internationally, but I'd guess that's not nearly as lucrative.

Say, how much do they charge for those decals? Think we could get a BBA one on her car?

Couple news vids at the link, including one of her milk mustache photo shoot. Here's the YouTube version: