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Monday, May 11, 2009

The only weapon we will be able to stock pile if the Human Rights groups get their way

Do human rights groups understand the actual purpose of fighting wars and using weapons?

First they try to get the use of Land Mines outlawed.

Than they whine and bitch about Cluster munitions

Now they complaining about using White Phosphorous as an actual weapon

I am sorry I think the idea of any weapon being more socially acceptable than another is just a joke.

I want enemies of the United States and our Allies to worry that they might be burned to a crisp by a WP round if they decided to fight our troops

You fight wars to win not to make friends and this constant movement by the surrender monkeys of the World Socialist/Peace groups to deny certain weapons to our forces will eventually lead to US troops dying when they do not need to.

If using a WP round can save one US soldiers life or for that matter one trooper from the UK or the IDF life I am all for its use as a weapon.

Do not make our forces fight with one hand tied behind their backs.