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Saturday, May 09, 2009

He's coming back! He's not coming back! He's...

Watching the Brett Favre saga post-Green Bay is like forgetting to turn off your alarm clock Friday night: when it goes off the next morning, you don't have to get up.

From the Journal Sentinel's Greg Bedard: Report: Favre tells Vikings he's not coming back

The Minnesota Vikings won't be signing Brett Favre after all, according to a report.

Yahoo! Sports, citing a source close to the team, is reporting Favre told Vikings coach Brad Childress on the phone sometime in the past 24 hours that Favre wanted to remain retired.
But wait! Report: Favre to sign with Vikings if major shoulder surgery not needed

Now we know why the Yahoo Sports report that Brett Favre told the Minnesota Vikings he was going to stay retired went unconfirmed.

And why neither the Vikings nor Favre was saying anything about the matter.

It's not over.

ESPN is reporting that Favre has sent his shoulder X-rays to the Vikings for them to evaluate. If there is no major damage and Favre does not need major surgery, Favre will un-retire to play for the Vikings, according to a "source close to the situation."

If major surgery is necessary, Favre will remain retired, according to the source.
Welcome to our (former) hell, Viqueens fans! Put your feet up! Set a spell!