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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey I was away all weekend, did anyone get shot in Milwaukee this weekend?

Is that a stupid question or a rhetorical question or both?

Domestic dispute led to Monday morning homicide

Man, 22, dies after being shot in face

Not really this weekend it was last week.

Man charged in shooting of ex-girlfriend

I think there was also at least one Wounding in Milwaukee where a young man was shot in the ankle.

Now to be fair I will list all of the shootings in the Counties that surround Milwaukee.

Waukesha ----------------------------------------------------------

Ozauakee ----------------------------------------------------------

Washington --------------------------------------------------------

Sheboygan ---------------------------------------------------------

Jefferson ---------------------------------------------------------

Dodge -------------------------------------------------------------

Hell I am feeling generous I will list some of the shootings in some of the out state counties

Iron ---------------------------------------------------------------

Rusk ---------------------------------------------------------------


Iowa ----------------------------------------------------------------

I don't want anyone saying I am just picking on the fine people who live in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee delenda est