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Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh yeah that smoking ban is going over really well in the North Woods.

I ended up in one the local watering holes Saturday night to have a few beers and watch some of the Brewers game on their TV's. Satellite TV is the greatest thing to every come to the "Up North" but I digress.

Being the social scientist that I am I actually took a moment to look around the bar I would say out of 40 people in the bar(it was the party for their pool league) There might have been one other person besides me who was not a smoker. And I even asked a couple of patrons and the owner what was going to happen when the smoking band went into effect.

There were a couple of common themes to the replies, the first was "F-ck Jim Doyle and the rest of those asshole in Madison.

The Second was general dislike of the type of people who are pushing this band. It was seen as the yuppies wimps in Madison and Milwaukee trying to push their life styles and beliefs on the people up there.

The third answer was let them try and stop us. Remember a lot of the taverns are already ignoring the law when it comes to gambling many have gambling machines. Do you really think they are going to just stop doing it their way because someone in Madison says they should do it this a certain way?

You know if the state GOP was smart they would start campaigning in the Northern Half of the state in a "Us vs those assholes in Madison " mode. Scott Walker needs to get up there and start telling the people up there that when he is Governor he is going to get Madison off their backs as best he can. No matter what the issue wolves or smoking bands or taxes if he runs on the side of the common man vs. the Madison Socialist Elites he can win up there.

He also needs to play up how much the local Milwaukee Politicians hate him that will also play in the Northern half of the state.

We need to get the message out to "Out state" voters that we as a party are going to get out of and stay out of their shat. We are going to defend private property rights. That we are going slow down the flood of tax dollars that go to Milwaukee to be wasted. We are going to pull in the reins on the DNR

There are a lot of votes in the Northern Half of the state just waiting to come over to our side if we just get our message out to these voters.

The smoking ban is going to be an issue that we need to beat the Socialists over the head with in the next election.

Every day I wake up looking forward to the 2010 elections more and more.