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Thursday, May 07, 2009

I am really beginning to develope a very strong dislike of Mark Pocan

Neat little blurb from the Madison area Socialist I pulled out of the MJS. I think I will attempt my first ever fisking.

"Pocan, who leads the Joint Finance Committee with Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona), called the crisis "the economic version of a natural disaster."
Wouldn't this be more of a man made disaster since it is caused by idiots like Pocan who cannot stop spending who never think of actually having the state live with in its means.

Pocan said lawmakers will look at other ways to fill the deeper budget hole.
Read this as higher taxes and fees because you know they will not want to actually cut spending.

"We'll figure out the best way we can protect working families as we move forward," Pocan said.
Could Mr Pocan define the term "working families" and why are they more important than other families. My wife normally works 60-70 hours a weeks so does our family make the cut as a working family Mr. Pocan? I doubt it since they tend to means test everything and I cannot remember the last time we actually did not get screwed by means testing. I know Mr Pocan is a politician and does not really know what work is but just because someone makes a lot of money does not mean they do not work. My guess is my family paid more in taxes this year than 3 of Mr Pocan's precious "working families" so when is state government going to do something to protect my family?

New tax and fee increases must be considered because leaving them out of the discussion would be "intellectually dishonest," Pocan added.
We are going to get blood from this tax turnip no matter what. How can you expect us to cut spending? Funny a Socialist using the term dishonest I bet he did it with a straight face. Jim Doyle is our Governor and Mark Pocan is worried about being "Intellectually dishonest" Hell if you look up Intellectually Dishonest in the dictionary you will find Jim Doyle's very ugly photo.

Once again I am going to ask the question how can a state with such high tax rates be in this much of a budget mess?

Sic Semper Tyrannis