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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A 6.5 Billion with a B Crater in the Wisconsin State Budget

Governor Doyle announced today that under his inept leadership the deficit for the CURRENT State Budget has grown like a Mushroom Cloud over a Japanese City. We now have a 6.5 Billion Dollar Crater in our Budget.

How Nice Maybe they will finally start to really cut spending and maybe the Socialist madmen who are running the state will rethink their massive tax increases for the next budget and might rethink some of the increased spending they are fixing to vote for.

The Wisconsin House of Cards is starting to look pretty wobbly.

As usual the BBA spared no expense and we have actually footage of Governor Jim "Spend it like a drunken sailor" Doyle as he rides the State Budget in for a crash landing.

We also have a nice footage of what remains of the state budget after Doyle's Brilliant leadership

Anyone want to take a guess at how much worse this is going to get before it gets better.

Oh and I predict that none of the State Unions will be willing to renegotiate their contracts to take the 2% pay cut. They will let 400 of their union members get laid off to protect the more senior union members.

How can you have taxes as high as we have and still run out of money it is mind boggling.

Sic Semper Tyrannis