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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Kane in favor or taking away peoples rights

No surprise there is there.

"Take it from an ex-smoker: Smoking ban is a good thing" MJS race baiter.

What is it about Eugene that he is so in love with the Government taking away peoples rights. It doesn't matter which right, be it gun rights private property rights Eugene is in favor of you losing them.

This is not about Health it is about private property rights. Come on Eugene where is you column calling on Governor Doyle and the State Legislate to outlaw the sale of tobacco and give up their tobacco tax habit? That is what you would be calling for it this was really a "health" issue.

As usually Kane if full of it.

Other news from the attack on private property rights front:

Take a look at this blurb from the MJS
"Taverns, restaurants, hotels and other businesses would have more than a year to prepare for a ban. Existing cigar bars and tobacco shops would be exempt. Casinos run by the state's Indian tribes wouldn't be covered"

You have to give Jim Doyle credit once he is bought he stays bought. All those gambling dollars the Casinos have throw at him and used to bankroll The Greater Wisconsin Committee once again paid off for the Casinos. So all you Health Nazis explain to me why smoke inside a casino is less harmful than smoke in a tavern?

Jim Doyle and the Socialists taking away your freedoms one right at time.

A quick prediction this will be the most ignored law Wisconsin has on the books in Northern Wisconsin. Think about it the people up there have no problem shooting wolves do you think they are going to let a stupid law stop them from having a smoke along with their shot and beer?

Sic Semper Tyrannis