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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garofalo meltdown I

First, the backstory: While you were sending Congress a clear message about tax abuse, even before your humble president referred to you with disdain as "waving teabags around," Janeane Garofalo was trying to squeeze out a few more bucks from her anthro course while riding your grass-root coattails:

Limbic brain? She knew that term would pay quality dividends someday.

Garofalo, the only one who sounds like they don't know anything about the history of the Tea Parties and has a paranoid hatred of a stereotypical archetype is you. At least you admit "I didnt [sic] grow up when I should have.”

PS Overusing words like "foment" doesn't give you the sound of the vocabulary of the intellectual upper crust. It sounds more like your Bush Derangement Syndrome is mutating.

PPS Garafoalo, Olbermann - one of you remember to turn the lights out when you bail on your pathetic little paranoia party, m'kay? Green Peace out and all that.