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Thursday, April 02, 2009

I wonder what it is like going though life being so scared of a simple machine?

Another day and Keith over at Folkbum is once again peeing down his leg over guns.

I had to wonder what it is like going through life being so scared of a simple machine. I mean Keith's fear of guns is almost funny if he and his ilk were not so hot to use their fear as an excuse to take away other peoples rights.

Guns are very simple machines, I mean if the government outlawed them tomorrow I personally could build a zip gun with stuff I have lying around my garage. Guess where I learned how to do that Keith the government taught me how to do it as part of my survival training back in my flying days.

Do people like Keith really think if they can some how manage to take every ones guns away that people will stop killing each other? I am sorry you can kill a grown man just by ramming a sharpened pencil into their eye. Hell look at how many neat and creative ways criminals in prison have figured out to kill each other. And last time I checked almost all of those ways did not involve firearms.

Blaming the gun is like blaming the car of a drunken driver, punish the shooter not the law abiding gun owner. Simple laws that had mandatory sentences for committing a crime with a gun would do more to end gun violence than any gun band. Make it simple you use a gun you start with 30 years and then we sentence for the crime that would also defeat liberal judges(like ones name Shirley S. Abrahamson)from going soft on criminals who use guns.

But I am getting way from my original though guns are machines they cannot injure or kill anyone by themselves. I know it is a cliche but it is true Guns do not kill people People kill people and until people like Keith get that though their thick heads we will never actually find any sort of solution to gun violence not that I believe it is all that big of a problem in the first place unless you live in a cess pool like Milwaukee, I cannot remember the last gun murder we have had in Oconomowoc. Maybe we just have a better brand of people ;) because I damn sure know we have a lot of guns in our little town we just do not use them on each other. See Keith it is the people not the machines that are the problem.

What also amazes me is how quick people like Keith are to water down or completely deny a right that is expressly stated in the Bill of Rights. What other rights would they be willing to attack to fit their agenda or quest for power?

Face it the Socialist left's fear and hatred of guns has nothing to do with crime or violence it has to do with power. They hate the fact that power does come from the barrel of a gun and that by being armed citizens, we have the power to resist them if needed. An armed citizen can stand up to a tyrannical government or the criminal class once again if needed. This angers the Socialist Left because they understand they will only be able to tell others how to live their lives through government and if we know we can defend ourselves from the government they cannot tell us how to live.

If people like Keith get their way we will be nothing more than serfs beholden to our Socialist masters because only the government would have guns hence they would have all the power.

Keith forgets that power was given to us and we choose to give it to the State and we have a right and a duty to take that power back if the State ever abuses the power we have given them.

An Armed Man is a Citizen, A Unarmed Man is a Subject.

You have to ask yourself which are you going to be?

The first step to stopping people like Keith from taking away your rights is to join the NRA. If you are not a member go here and you can join and help fight the Keith's of the world.

"The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"