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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey Eugene, Hitler could give a good speech too

But I am guessing you would not defend him even though you keep defending Rev. Wright.

Sorry just because you are black and are a preacher does not get you a pass in my world.

Rev. Wright preaches hate which makes him just as evil as any of the White Neo Nazi nut jobs who also preach hate.

And it is funny Rev. Wright is as much of a racist as the White Neo Nazi nuts.

But being a Black Hate Monger is ok in Eugene Kane's book. But we all know if Wright was white and had a swastika on his arm Kane would be all over him.

I am also so tired of the "Its a black thing you would not understand excuse" Which Mr. Kane used to finish his column.

"He didn't say "God damn America" once.

But then, if you are acquainted with the black church, you know he didn't really say it the first time, either."

Eugene we have all seen the videos we know what he said. Please do not try and insult our intelligence by saying he really did not mean it.

If you really look at it you find much more hate on the Political Left in this country than you will ever find on the Political Right.

Hell the Democratic party is the party of hate. Hate anyone who is living better than you, hate everyone who does not believe what you believe. Hate people who own businesses or who run companies or those who believe what is their is theirs.

Most of us on the Right just want to be left to live our lives without government interference and what do we get for that wish. Being call a whole list of names from our enemies on the left.

Come see the hate that is inherent in the left's system, hell they could not exist without their hatred.

sorry I digress ;)

Never forget it is ok to hate if you are on the left