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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Presidential Entourage

The reports are that President Obama is traveling the world with a staff of 500 people. Including the presidential limo and so on. Good for him, the President does not leave a light footprint, President Obama needs to act as if he is in Washington DC if the need arises.

When President Bush visited Appleton, there were at least two big military transports, a number of secret service personal (both highly & obviously weaponized and those not so obviously weaponized), the limousine, plus other vehicles, and I am sure a number of secret service staff who performed a large number of investigation on facilities and people (yours truly included). Then when President Bush arrived we all drove down College Avenue at 55 mph to the venue and then back to the airport at 55 mph, it was real cool running those red lights at 55 mph!

After the event, a number of lefties wrote to the Appleton Post Crescent complaining about how much treasure the President's appearance used up. Well, lefty I hope you enjoyed that kvetching because it is your turn to hear it. I do not make it though because I do not begrudge President Obama that large staff. He is the leader of the large nation and arguably is the leader of the free world, that guy doesn't travel light.

I do not even know if I have heard anyone from the environmental lobby be upset over this?