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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ed Garvey: Obama is such a disappointment!

On Afghanistan:

I have heard from some of you that we should go easy on Afghanistan criticism and, in essence, trust him. My problem is experience. I entered the Army in September, 1963, proud of our president. JFK had a boatload of brilliant people advising him. Robert MacNamara, our own Les Aspin, the "whiz kids". All we needed then was a flexible approach--Green Berets, and a training program for the Vietnamese army. We would send "advisors." We would do what the French could not do. We, in our arrogance, would pacify Vietnam.

But terrible things happened and soon we were engaged in non-stop bombing, defoliation, thousands and thousands of soldiers, government telling lie after lie, Westmoreland's body counts and LBJ threats. Rember My Lei, Tet.

...I an [sic] so proud of Obama I could burst but now is the time to let him know--everyone goes or no one goes. And we dont want Obama's war.
There's this, too:

Now the president feels compelled to follow-through with Hillary at his side. His speech last Friday was eerie. It sounded too much like W.'s rationalization of the invasion of Iraq. Time is of the essence, we must act now, the Europeans will help (coalition of the willing?), we will train the Afghans, we must ask for more sacrifice from our young soldiers, we can and must prevail. And, we will rid the government of corruption, find better leaders, and the FBI will help eradicate opium sales.

My informal poll in Eau Claire Friday--the Dems don't agree. They are sick of war and know victory cannot be defined. Oh, and we are broke. Can't afford $3 billion a month.
Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is another disappointment to Ed:

Card Check unionism--the Employee Free Choice Act--was tooling along but Diane Feinstein and Specter dropped their sponsorship this week. Too "controversial," they whined. Incredibly, Feinstein said, "This is a difficult economy...I would hope there is some way to find common ground." Whoa Nelly!

...Shame on Diane Feinstein.
Don't take that crap, Ed. Democrats must toe the line!