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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A new BBA feature: Zombie Bait

What or who is Zombie bait you ask?

Well Zombie bait are the those silly PC people who you just know will be the first to go when the Zombies arrive. Just because they are such Mopes.

So who gets the honor of being awarded the first Zombie Bait post.

Principal Jeff Finstad the principal of Waupun High School

Here is what he did to earn the title of Zombie Bait.

What is it about being in education that makes you become such an PC wimp?

So there you have it Jeff Finstad Zombie Bait.

Remember kids always shoot for the zombies head ;)

Ok it has been brought to my attention that some moron has no idea how the whole zombie thing works and believes I was telling the students to shoot the principle in the head. How stupid do you have to be.

Ok Capper I am going to get the crayons out and explain zombies too you.

Zombie bait would be the person who gets eaten by the zombies due to the fact they cannot defend their self or refuse to believe Zombies are bad due to their PC brains.

The only way to not become Zombie Bait is to get your gun and shoot Zombies in the head since that is the only way to stop a George Romero Zombie(The gold standard of Movie Zombies)Praise be un to him. Please Capper rent a movie and learn something before you speak. The Principle would not be a Zombie he would be Zombie Chow.

So I was reminding our readers the only way to not end up as Zombie Chow is to shoot the Zombies in the head.

Man Idiot liberals have no sense of humor or common sense like I would publicly write a post saying you should shoot any living person in the head Capper you are an Asshat of huge proportions and a fool.


Jib makes me say this: But thanks for stopping by the BBA we appreciate your continued readership we know you have many choices when it comes to blogs and are glad you made the BBA one of your choices. ;P