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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun and Games

One thing we are seeing, is a lot ridicule of President Obama's heavy reliance on teleprompters.

I find a lot of it hilarious. On Facebook it is common to see a graphic of "The Teleprompter of the United States" done on the theme of the Presidential Seal.

While it is funny its only real use is not to go after President Obama but his press corps. When President Obama is off the teleprompter he uhhhs, stammers, searches for words, and is on record for saying some very unintelligent things — bound to happen. I do not fault the President for those comments, but I do question the press on minimizing them. I don't think a sentient being fails to grasp the consequences of some of President Obama's statements if President Bush had uttered them instead.

I do not even rap the partisan left for the double standard — it is politics after all.

In the end, the words of the President mean boom or bust (even if for a day or so) and life or death to some. The Presidential utterances must be well thought out and clearly stated. The teleprompter is the vehicle for that. However, because the President waxes eloquently or not does not mean all that much. After all, President Reagan spoke and communicated very well that still did not prevent the left from attacking him as a dunce.

In the end, I will indulge myself in the humor but will not use President Obama's miscommunications or his reliance on the teleprompter against him, the mainstream mastodons maybe but not the President himself.