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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Channel 58 AKA CBS 58 in Milwaukee Sucks

Please excuse me while I get away from politics for my yearly screed about how CBS 58 in Milwaukee is the worst cBS station in America.

You see it is NCAA tournament time and once again I am forced to watch the games in SD because the Asshat who owns cBS 58 cannot seem to reach an agreement to allow the satellite companies to carry his HD signal.

From what I have heard he wants them to also carry his other crappy ass station WMLW channel 41 the station that shows reruns all day(You know this annual screed is much harder to write due to the PG-13 rating here at the BBA, it is hard to do this without swearing) in HD and neither DirecTV or Dish Network will waste the bandwidth on that crappy station so he punishes sports fans through the year. I mean what else would you watch on cBS other than sports? So you get the NCAA basketball tourney in SD the final two days of the Masters golf tourney in SD and every couple of years the Super Bowl in SD. Just because the asshat owner of Channel 58 wants to show I Love Lucy reruns in HD. You want to know why I loved when the Big Ten Network started? Because it got Badger Basketball and football games off his crappy ass stations.

So thanks for letting me vent