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Monday, March 02, 2009

Maybe it is time for the Producers to quit.

I have been giving this a lot of thought over the weekend but as someone who is being hammered by the Obama and Doyle administrations for the crime of following a 20 years plan with my wife and being smart with our money.

What is the incentive for me to do anything that will help this nation anymore? They have declared war on my family and those like us. People like Keith over at Folkbum are just besides themselves that people like me are tried of carrying the looters water.

I have decided to start my strike I will do everything legal that I can to fight these current administrations.

I am going to put off every big purchase that I can so that I will not help this economy or give my sales taxes to government that has pretty much said they hate me and mine.

I am going to try and avoid spending as much as I can in my day to day spending to not put as little of my money into the US economy. Every dollar I do not spend is that much less tax revenue I give to the State and Federal government.

I am going to try and avoid spending any money in Dane or Milwaukee County. I will spend my money in Waukesha county or the other Red counties that surround Milwaukee.

I am going to actually try and learn if stuff I buy is made by Union shops if it is I will try and find a nonunion replacement or go without it if I can do that.

it is time we start fighting back in the only legal ways we can.

I am going to try and convince as many of my friends to not spend if they can help it.

The government has declared war on us so it is time to fight back.

Let Jay and Keith and Tim and the rest of the Moonbats that make up the left pay the bill for the workers paradise they are building

It is time to start throwing sand in the gears of the Socialist Machine.

So if you can hold off on any large purchases do it

Buy nonunion when ever possible

Stop spending when ever you can stop feeding the mob of looters that is trying to destroy you.

Oh a final thought if you must buy a new car buy from one of the Non US companies that build non union cars in the Red South stop sending your money to Blue Detroit stop supporting the UAW.

Actually when ever you have a choice to buy from a company in a Red State instead of a Company in a Blue State do it. Why give your hard earned dollars to the enemy?

It is time to bunker up and sit this country and economy out. Let the looters pay for their own shat for once.

I know who John Galt is, every one of us sees him in the mirror every morning we have more power than you think time to use it.


Can you tell that my wife and I did our taxes this weekend and I am in a foul mood.