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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Earmark would benefit former GM Janesville workers

Senator Kohl, well someone from Senator Kohl's staff who actually has a pulse inserted $950,000 into the The Omnibus Appropriations bill. This Ear Mark will be given to the Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville to help retrain the UAW members who lost their job when the GM plant closed.

I have a problem with this ear mark. Why should I and my fellow tax payers help pay to retrain these workers? Why are they more special than any other unemployed person?

Let their beloved UAW Union pay to retrain them, or let the companies that hire them train them. It is not our responsibility help pay to retrain these union workers.

I mean this how many of you would Senator Kohl help get retraining if you lost your job tomorrow? What just because these guys are UAW workers they matter more? What makes these UAW members have more standing then everyone else?

I am sorry if that sounds cold but I do not care I am tired of paying other peoples freight at the barrel of the Federal Gun.

This is another prime example why ear marks need to be done away with.